About Rubber Ducky Productions

RDP INC. is an integrative manufacturer, distributor, and wholesale company for branded ladies apparel.  RD was established in 1994 and has been proudly touted as HOLLYWOOD’s finest!  ALL of our garment productions and designs are generated in the USA.

We embrace Hollywood for their unwavering support over the past two decades. Our specialty in CLASSIC design is what has brought us to the spot light!  Our secret to success is our classic garments engineered “inside out”.

We specialize in providing you with the finest quality at an affordable cost.

“We Make You Feel Good“

For distribution and wholesale information:

Rubber Ducky Productions

1129 South Wall St. Suite 101 ,

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel. 213.744.1228 / 213.746.6760

Fax 213.746.6002

  • Home Office
  • Rubber Ducky Productions,
    1129 South Wall St. Suite 101
    Los Angeles CA 90015
  • rubberduckyproduction@yahoo.com
  • 213-744-1228
  • 213-746-6002

About Rubber Ducky

RD Inc. is an integrative manufacturer, distributer and wholesaler of women's branded fashion apparel. Rubber Ducky has been established and based in Los Angeles, California since 1994. RD is proud to have served premium American made ladies wear consistently for over 20 years. Rubber Ducky is most proud to produce sweat shop and child labor FREE operations.
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Rubber Ducky Productions